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Virtual Event Production in Moxee, WA

Woman participating in a virtual meeting
Videotaping a webcast or live stream event
Connect with Your Audience and Promote Your Message

Helping you choose the right webcasting and live-streaming solution for your event that connects with your audience and effectively promotes your message.


Our experienced team at Roy's Audio-Visual will determine the capabilities you need for your virtual or live event including registration and login info, polling and Q&A, host moderation, email reminders, social media integration, video production, audio-visual rentals, and technical support.

How it works

Live Streaming Services & More

Webcasting & Livestreaming

The more, the merrier. Guest attendance is a good measure of event success, but nowadays, this does not only mean physical guests. With online events being very popular, there’s no need to limit your event to those who can be there at the venue. What you need is to get virtual event production services so that you can reach more people and do more with your program. Roy's Audio-Visual of Moxee, WA understands the value of livestreaming services, not only for your event but also for your business, which is why we would like to assist you with that. Here are the top benefits of livestreaming your events. 

  1. Reach More Audience Members In virtual events, there’s no limit as to how many people can attend. It can be an online town hall event, a life-changing business opportunity webinar, or an important leadership conference that can potentially cure all the ills and ails of the world — whatever it is, you’re much better off having as many people as possible in the audience.  If you want to send your message loud and clear to people beyond what the venue’s capacity can hold, then going live in a virtual livestreaming or webcasting event is your best bet. Just make sure to send out the invitations ahead of time, market it well, and make sure that your streaming setup is stable so that the connection remains uninterrupted all throughout.

  1. Cost-Efficiency - It used to be that events ran only for a very limited time, only in one venue, or they spent several weeks traveling to different destinations. Both might have been effective, but neither was the most practical method. There’s a lot of cost involved in staging physical events, after all. Whether it be a book tour or a national conference or seminar, logistics alone can rack up the bills. Not to mention the sheer amount of time used traveling back and forth. With virtual events, however, you only need one venue where the actual event is going to be held, and then the rest can just go online to attend. There will be no planes involved, no hotel check-ins, and no catering needed.

  2. Bonus Materials - We’re not just talking about event souvenirs, although those would be great to have too. But rather, we’re talking about the possibility of having your guests replay the event later on. Especially if it’s one that’s heavy with information, it would be great if they could go back to it and review the important points. If it’s a concert, then they keep enjoying the performance for many days after. We will set it up and manage it for you so that you can focus on giving your guests a great event, just as they deserve. Leave it to us to send your message out there loud and clear. Let Roy's Audio-Visual expand your audience beyond Moxee, WA! Contact us today to see how our virtual event production can benefit your cause.

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