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Fully front service outdoor LED display for wall installation

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Zoefos™ - A High-Resolution, Affordable, and Reliable Visual Solution

Want the highest-quality LED Video Walls for your conference, meeting, exhibition or event, but you've been unable to afford it? Well, you're now in for a treat!


Zoefos™ LED Video Walls are the affordable solution to add high impact to your event without breaking your bank! Plus, their visual quality will match or even exceed other LED Video Walls on the market.


They offer optimal brightness, true color uniformity, fine pixel pitch as low as 0.9mm, resolution up to 1280 x 720, and unsurpassed reliability in the field.


Ask about our LED display systems to add pizazz to your conference, concert, or other high-end event!


The Benefits of Zoefos™ LED Video Walls

Standard iron cabinet with back doors and covers

Perfect Design & the Latest LED Display with HD Video Processor
  • Ultra-fine pixel pitch as low as 0.9mm and resolution up to 1280 x 720

  • Tightly interlocked LED panels create a seamless display surface

  • Offers wireless Wi-Fi control as well as remote control

  • Provides PIP, PBP, and text overlay

  • Features a synchronic multi-unit in parallel

  • Very durable with outstanding reliability in the field

  • Interactive touch screen allow multiple users to interact with the displays simultaneously

  • Providing several mounting options for maximum flexibility

Outdoor LED back panel with super high refresh rate

Outdoor 640 x 640 mm panel

HD Video Processor connection diagram

Outdoor LED panel 512 x 512 with receiving cards and 3840Hz-srefresh

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